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Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program™ was created to provide advice on the fundamentals of financial planning and to teach and monitor the on-going components of financial management.

The Fresh Start Program process:

Establish and track your Net Worth. This helps to create a better understanding of your overall financial situation and provides context to help us make better financial decisions as a team.

  • Plan and manage Cash Flow. By using our Cash Management System, you will begin to understand how to use your resources to work towards the financial goals that are meaningful to you.
  • Establish and maintain a proper Emergency Fund. Your emergency fund protects the rest of your financial life and goals.
  • Debt management and/or reduction. Through our Cash Management System, we will develop a plan to reduce any debt you have, or to help you understand what an appropriate amount of debt would be before making any purchasing decisions.
  • Perhaps most importantly, establish and Track Goals. By setting goals (usually 2 meetings up-front) and then meeting periodically (typically every 6 months) to review your progress, you will dramatically increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals.
  • If you're a numbers person here's a sample plan to review Sample Plan

Solution One Financial is a fee-only/fee for service financial planning firm:

  • No commissions, sales loads, or surrender charges
  • Building and maintaining your financial security is our only incentive
  • Our only revenue is from the fees paid by our clients
  • No soft dollars or referral fees received from any recommendations to other professionals or services
  • Firms that are paid commissions on the sale of any product may have a bias to selling that product. In addition, firms that are paid solely as a percentage of marketable securities (your investment portfolio) may be biased in favour of recommending that you move assets into those types of investments (as opposed to keeping your real estate, private equity, other assets or paying down debt).

The price for Fresh Start Program™:

100.00/month or 1,000.00/year paid up front (a 15% discount)

For any services needed beyond what is included, such as Risk Profiling, Asset Allocation or Retirement Planning, there will be an additional charge of 175.00/hour to work through the modules

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Both the reasonable cost and larger tax refund were added bonuses.”