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Empowered Life Program™

This is Solution One Financial's comprehensive planning service, wherein we blend both financial and life conversations, using Our Process to provide structure and clarity to your entire financial life picture.

The Empowered Life Program™ process

  • Meet with you to work through details of your situation (usually 3-4 meetings up-front, 6-7 total for the year)
  • Present recommendations to help you reach your financial Life goals
  • Assist and guide you as needed to implement action items
  • Update, monitor and modify your plan as needed
  • See Our Process for more details

Solution One Financial is a fee-only or fee-for-service financial planning firm

  • No commissions, sales loads, or surrender charges — Transparent Pricing
  • Building and maintaining your financial security is our only incentive
  • Our only revenue is from the fees paid by our clients
  • No soft dollars or referral fees received from any recommendations to other professionals or services
  • Firms that are paid commissions on the sale of any product may have a bias to selling that product. In addition, firms that are paid solely as a percentage of marketable securities (your investment portfolio) may be biased in favour of recommending that you move assets into those types of investments (as opposed to keeping your real estate, private equity, other assets or paying down debt).
  • If you're a numbers person here's a sample plan to review Sample Plan

Our Fee Structure

Our annual retainer for The Empowered Life Program™ is $2,500. 10% off if paid up front or use our payment plan 50% up front ($1,250) and 3 equal quarterly payments of $416.67

Why is our retainer based on a Flat Plan Rate?

  • No conflicts of interest to build an appropriate emergency fund
  • No conflicts of interest to pay down debts from the portfolio (Mortgages, Student Loans, Etc.)
  • No change in compensation regardless of where investments are held
  • Our only financial incentive will be to steadily grow and maintain your wealth
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